A Countywide Septic Tank Service is a family owned and operated business. Owner, Wayne Jones, was raised in the business. His father, Belton Jones, started his own septic business in 1967 when Wayne was 3 years old. Now Wayne has raised his son John in the business as well. Making this a 3rd generation business continuing to bring you the very best affordable, quality service.

A Countywide Septic Tank Service practices the same traditions and values that were set in place by his father almost 50 years ago. Our customers have always and continue to be the focus of our business. They know that they can trust us to deliver the best job and give honest advice on their septic needs.
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We have discovered that in recent years there have been numerous occasions we were called out to investigate the surfacing of water or sewage in the yard. What we discovered was that many of the systems were blocked by roots. The roots were invading the system by growing into the drain line thru hard line and into the distribution box. We found that if we removed the blocked area we could restore the flow to existing drain field thus avoiding a full blown costly repair. This type of maintenance has proven to be much more cost effective for our customers and has added to the longevity of their system. The health department does not require a permit for this type of work unless the distribution box needs to be replaced.
We are confident that the quality and affordability of our services won't be surpassed by our competitors.

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Grade Level IV Installer Cert. # 1297 Grade Level IV Installer Cert # 4948

Inspector Cert. # 1297I Inspector Cert # 4948I
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